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  • LED canopy light
  • LED canopy lights, also known as LED parking lot lights, are ideal for illuminating buildings, entrances and walkways, heightening safety and providing improved security for pedestrians. Our canopy lighting solutions deliver high vertical lighting levels, increasing customers’ sense of safety and comfort.

    If the parking lot is getting too dark at night, illuminate it quickly and easily with canopy lighting. Jian De /Superliming has great options for all your garage lighting needs. These lights are great for underpasses, loading docks and parking garages, as well as wet locations or where vandal-resistant lighting is required.It also can be used to auto dealership, corporate & office, healthcare industrial & warehouse, municipal,  petroleum & convenience stores, recreation & public venues, restaurants & hospitality, retail & grocery .

    When it comes to LED canopy lighting, there are many, many options, and without proper segregation, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right product. You can choose the technology you want used in your LED parking lot lights, and you can also choose the light output strength the LED canopy lights will reproduce. If none of these factors are relevant, it is always useful to look for the  canopy lighting that will be the most cost-effective, in terms of power consumption.

    We stand behind the LED canopy lights we sell with a five-year limited warranty - a guarantee that our lights are of the highest quality.Whatever your lighting needs, our website can point you in the right direction. You can also contact us at +89-755-89340969 or email