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  • Superluming LED wall packs save your money
  • LED Wall pack lights are ideal for illuminating walkways,streets, and driveways adjacent to buildings. Wall packs are typically mounted on the sides of buildings, but are sometimes able to be pole mounted too. Beyond being functional by emitting light, many wall packs also provide aesthetic value. For instance while two wall packs mounted on either side of an entrance will emit light, when using a stylized wall pack that is possibly custom finished, the wall pack will also make the building architecturally interesting. Not only do they provide energy efficient light but are also good security lights for business buildings making them a go to option in today''s commercial lighting industry.Wall packs distribute light in three basic patterns. Standard wall packs distribute light out and down. Semi and full cutoff wall packs distribute light only down. Up-Down wall packs distribute light up and down, using the light to see as well a light to see by.

    Access Fixtures high quality wall pack housings are constructed of cast aluminum and treated with a chromate conversion coating to deter corrosion. A powder coat finish is then applied to the wall pack to provide a durable paint covering.

    With their various shapes and design offerings, these LED Wall Pack luminaires will perfectly suit all applications while significantly reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. Some of our wall pack fixtures come with a photocell, while others can have a photocell added, so it automatically turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. Pair with timers to only use the fixture at set times. These two optional features can help you save even more money and extend the lifespan of your fixtures.

    • Using high quality 3030/2835 chips, LM-80 report and IES data available.

    • Mean Well  UL/cUL driver.

    •  High Power Fact• Universal voltage: AC100-277V; 347V-480V.

    or >0.9, Low THD Driver.

    • Silicone rubber seal, moisture, high temperature.

    •  IP65 rating for outdoor use.

    •  Warranty 5 years.

    •  DLC/UL/ETL/Lighting facts certificate.

    For more information, please check out our LED wall pack page!

    If you''re on a tight budget, know that these LED lights are not only affordable, but they will also save you more money on operating and maintenance costs in the long run. Not sure which LED wall pack is the right fixture for your application?  

    Please contact us at +86-755-89340969 !